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Firm History

Fullerton, Lemann, Schaefer and Dominick, LLP has served San Bernardino and Riverside counties since 1946.   We have earned a reputation for integrity, hard work and results.  Our firm was built client by client. There is simply no one better at what we do.
Our founder, Bob Fullerton laid down the basic principles which govern the firm today. "Know the law and the facts," he said, "If you take a case, do what it needs." 

Bob came to San Bernardino as an FBI agent during World War II. In those days San Bernardino and Riverside Counties were rural areas best known for their orange groves. The war brought military bases and the Kaiser steel mill. After the war was over, Bob rose to the position of Assistant District Attorney before leaving public service to start his own private practice.  His leadership, wisdom and strong sense of community helped to build the strong foundation upon which the firm now stands.

In 1978, Wilfrid C. Lemann passed the bar. Nephew of a San Bernardino Superior Court judge, he had lived in town all of his life. Bob didn't just offer Bill a job -- he made him a full partner in the firm. It was an unconventional decision that Bob has never regretted.

By this time the region was changing. The steel mill closed. The groves turned into huge housing tracts as thousands of people moved into the area. San Bernardino and Riverside counties became known as the Inland Empire. The practice expanded to handle real estate, non-profit corporations, employment, and the multitude of legal issues brought by modern times. Bob and Bill were keenly aware of the need for a top notch litigator so they went to the District Attorney's Office and recruited Michael Schaefer who came on board in 1982 and then made partner in 1984.

Thomas Dominick, who is certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law joined the firm in 1985 and became a partner in 2002.

The firm answered the communities call and the firm continued to grow.   In 1990 Craig Wilson who specializes in corporate law and estate planning joined the firm and became a partner in 2002.

Today the firm has a broad base of clients and enjoys a reputation as one of the finest firms in the Inland Empire. It has a number of clients who are well known and influential in the community. No less important are the clients who have a more private profile.

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