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Have you met the senator?

Around here they call me Senator, and I think it fits. Look at this beautiful flowing hair of mine. And this face! I fit a name like Senator.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way; let me tell you more about myself. I come to the firm a few days a week. I love coming here! As soon as I arrive, Auntie Cindy excitedly greets me, gets me fresh water (with ice) and as soon as my owner leaves, she gives me treats! I love those treats so much and Auntie Cindy is a push over, so anytime I want another treat, I put on my sad face and scratch at the drawer where she keeps them. She’s putty in my paws.

All my friends that come through the lobby are always so excited to see me. I don’t even have to get up and say hi to them, they just come over to me, rub my belly and scratch my ears all the while telling me what a wonderful dog I am.  They are smart folks !
I’ve been coming to the firm for over nine years now and in that time I have made a lot of friends (even some furry ones). I really love when people come in and say “ The Senator” when they see me, and their voice is filled with happiness.  These are the times I enjoy playing hard to get, and will continue to just lay on floor (or the couch if I don’t get caught) and continue to nap.  Oh I hear them alright, don’t be fooled by my aloofness.  But the favorite part of my day is when I get to meet new people; now those folks always get a “Senator welcome”.  I will walk over to them, give them a good hearty sniff, and then they are imbedded in my brain as a new friend forever.

During my days at the office, I frequently enjoy taking long walks around Downtown, all the while catching tennis balls (lemons and oranges work too), and showing off my skills. I can do all the basics: Sit, Speak, Stay, Lay Down. But the one that always gets me the treat is when I “Play Dead”. People love it and it’s so easy to do.

But there is more to my life than working and being handsome. When I’m not at the firm, I like to run in the grass at my house and scare all the squirrels. I will catch them one of these days. I play with my little sister, Madam Justice, all the time; but you know how little sisters can be. There is nothing I love better than riding in the car. They always try to put me in the backseat, but I prefer to sit up front with the wind in my face and all the smells. Oh, there’s nothing better!
All in all I have it pretty easy around here. I mean all I have to do is show up and everyone adores me! I barely have to lift a paw, unless it’s for treats. I guess that’s the benefit to being so good looking, and not having any thumbs. So come by and see me sometime. But make sure you bring the treats! 

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